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Synopsis : A collection of baffling puzzles - diagrams, cartoons and answers - including the world's most baffling dice puzzle and the world's most puzzling number puzzle. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Sterling, Hardcover. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Sterling Pub Co Inc Unidentified individuals have claimed to have completed the process, but verification from the organization was never made and the individuals making the claim have not been forthcoming with information.

Those who answered satisfactorily at this stage were invited to a private forum, where they were instructed to devise and complete a project intended to further the ideals of the group. The Cicada clues have spanned many different communication media including internet , telephone, original music, bootable Linux CDs, digital images , physical paper signs, and pages of unpublished cryptic books written in runes. One book, titled Liber Primus , literally "first book", contains many pages, only some of which have been decrypted.

In addition to using many varying techniques to encrypt, encode, or hide data, these clues also have referenced a wide variety of books, poetry, artwork and music. Authorities from the Los Andes Province of Chile claim that Cicada is a "hacker group" and engaged in illegal activities. Cicada responded to this claim by issuing a PGP -signed statement denying any involvement in illegal activity.

In July , a group calling themselves "" claimed to have hacked Planned Parenthood ; [21] however, the group appears to have no connection to Cicada As the group has gained notoriety and public attention, many have asserted that the puzzles are an introduction to occult principles, and possibly even recruitment for a cult.

Tim Dailey, a senior research fellow with the conservative Christian Family Research Council , analyzed the teachings of Cicada , and stated, "The enigmatic Cicada appears to be drawing participants inexorably into the dark web of the occult a la Blavatsky and Crowley. At the heart of the enchantment is the counterfeit promise of ultimate meaning through self-divination. Others have claimed that the Cicada puzzles are a modern and technological equivalent to the enlightenment journey within Western esotericism and Mystery schools.

The United States Navy released a cryptographic challenge based on the Cicada recruitment puzzles in calling it Project Architeuthis. The plot of "Nautilus", the September 30, episode of the TV show Person of Interest , featured a large-scale game very similar to the Cicada puzzles.

Both feature a series of worldwide cryptographic puzzles, but as the title implies, these feature the image of a nautilus shell instead of a cicada logo. Look up Cicada on the internet. It's a very interesting concept out there that we then put into a larger story that connects to our show. Twice there was music accompanying the Cicada clues. However, none of these pieces are part of the standard repertoire and neither the composers nor performers have been identified.

Certain patterns have emerged that indicate that the music itself may be a clue and that Cicada is attempting to establish a musical cryptogram in parallel with its other embedded information. TechGeek analyzed the structure of a number of the pieces and discovered that there are certain dyads two notes sounding simultaneously , which, when corresponded with letters and numbers, reveal hidden messages. The music video, directed by Charlie Fasano, featured artwork taken from the Liber Primus book by Cicada From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Internet portal. Daily Telegraph. Archived from the original on 25 November So even if the fable comes to mind, and the phrase "think backwards" instantly causes the language center of your brain to fold inside out, you'll still only get the answer if you're the exact same kind of dyslexic as the programmer. Via Mobygames. Gabriel Knight is a suave, badass monster hunter. His third adventure, Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned , finds him up against a coven of vampires.

At one point in the game, he needs to rent a motorbike, but the really sweet one he wants is reserved. So what do you do? Settle for a moped, and risk looking like a dork in front of Baron Von Bloodmouth? Not bloody likely! Bribe the rental agent? Nah, that would cost money. Maybe you just steal the damn thing, citing undead-related emergency protocols?

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Nope -- you have to impersonate the man it's reserved for, a sad-looking shlub named Mosely. Well, OK. That's straightforward enough: You're supposed to pretend to be the guy who gets this thing. We can see what you're thinking here, game. It's not like you're asking us to wrap a rubber ducky around a backward-speaking gnome and make him hopscotch across a numbered board to make the Fibonacci Sequence.

Good job so far. So you start by stealing his jacket from his hotel room so you can steal things? Why not just take the bike, then? Can you not bear the disapproval of the fatherly bike shop owner?

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You also have to grab a hat from the local church's lost and found, to cover up your luxurious locks. Next you have to get Mosely's passport, which he keeps in his back pocket at all times. But hey, no problem -- just leave a piece of candy sitting in the hallway, buzz Mosely from the hotel's front desk, and then when he walks by, he'll be so distracted with mysterious hall-candy that you can pickpocket him.

Finally, you need a fake mustache to complete the look.

And that's where logic and reason fall to shambling pieces: What you have to do is wander around outside until you find a door with a hole in it, attach a piece of tape to the hole, scare a nearby cat into running through it by spraying the animal with a stolen spritzer bottle , collect the now cat-hair-covered tape and use a packet of syrup to glue the fur to your face.

Jesus, that's like going from point A to point B via the goblin road that lives only in the thoughts of CIA pod-transplants. There's absolutely nothing approaching sanity in that mode of thinking whatsoever. Observant readers may notice that that man does not have a fucking mustache. Gabriel claims he needs one to disguise the "obvious disparity" between their faces.

World's Most Baffling Puzzles by Charles Barry Townsend

So a mysterious instant cat-hair-and-syrup mustache is So now Gabriel looks nothing like the picture in Mosley's passport, but you can fix it! You just have to draw a mustache on the passport photo with a marker. The cat-stache and coloring book passport somehow fool the motorbike rental guy, who has an impeccable enough memory for faces to identify the legitimate renter on sight, but apparently suffers from a bizarrely specific type of mustache-induced hysterical blindness.

Via Gamefaqs.

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RuneScape is the world's most popular free MMORPG, which -- now that developers are practically paying people to play the blasted things like the government incentivizes Alaskans to settle the Yukon -- is a pretty impressive accomplishment. One of the game's adventures has you tracking down an infamous pirate. But the only man with information on him is in jail. Now you need to get yourself arrested so you two can have a chat.

Easy enough: We find peeing on a cop is the most efficient means to jail inhabitation, but you can just dress up like a pirate or whatever floats your criminal boat. Ah, but once you get in there, you find out that the man you need to speak to is deaf.

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Herein lies the puzzle! He's in the cell right next to you, and all that separates the two of you is a barred window. You need to get his attention: If only you could get your hands on some ink and paper Now it's just a simple matter of grabbing a tin cup from your cell and banging it on the door until a guard comes by to douse you in fish stew. Oh, did you think you were going to write a note?

Ha, that's adorable. Next, you break off a pipe from the window, then pour ink all over the paper and head outside to the prison yard, where you smash the ink bottle on a rock and use the makeshift blade to cut a hole in your accordion. Wait, where did you get an accordion? From randomly searching through the rubble in the yard, of course!

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So there you go: Simply shove your pipe and paper through the accordion hole and voila! Wait, you do? Paper and ink shoved inside an accordion creates a vacuum? Shit, well, OK: Man, we really did not pay attention in science class. So, by merely following the eccentric, rambling, Family Circus -style mental path of a madman, you are now in possession of a vacuum.

Cheryl's Birthday: Singapore's maths puzzle baffles world

The next step is obvious: Take your fishy prison clothes and drape them over a rock. This attracts a seagull, which you catch. With the vacuum. You then go back into your cell and shoot the seagull at the prisoner. This gets his attention, because even deaf people find it hard to ignore a terrified bird projectile right in the kisser. You are now able to have a conversation, most of which is probably going to revolve around why your mother is such whore and, follow-up question: Why you just shot him in the face with a goddamn living seagull.

So the video game gives the player a prompt: Get this guy's attention without using your voice.