Unsolicited Advice for Newly Hired High School Educators

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Even Teachers Get First-Day Jitters

She might turn this back onto you — as evidence of a character flaw. And yes, her behavior will affect your desire to spend time with her, as it should.

My husband and I second marriage for both of us were married for a handful of years before he passed away from a terminal illness. His family members, including his grown daughters and his brother, have completely shut me out since his death. They all gathered last month to spread his ashes, and did not include me. One of his daughters is getting married next month and I was not invited to any of the showers or the rehearsal dinner. I was invited to the wedding but now it seems awkward to attend. Should I continue to attempt a relationship with his family?

It seems they clearly want nothing to do with me. This exclusion is so hurtful, especially after I assume you loved and likely physically cared for your husband through his illness and death. I think you should get together with some old friends on this particular day and do something that you enjoy doing, surrounded by people who are nice to you.

The family will interpret your choice not to attend the wedding as your goodbye to them, and you should tell yourself: Good riddance. I see this as a possible cry for help. I would advise her to find the time and money, if possible, to visit him and see how he is doing. Be aware of entrances and exits. Look for the student restroom closest to your classroom. Locate the media center and the student cafeteria. Knowing these locations means you can help if new students have questions for you.

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Look for the faculty restroom closest to your classroom. Locate the teacher workroom so that you can make copies, prepare materials, and meet your fellow teachers. Individual schools and school districts have policies and procedures for teachers that you need to learn.

Read through official handbooks, paying close attention to things such as attendance policies and discipline plans. Make sure you know how to request a day off in case of illness.

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You should be prepared to get sick a lot during your first year; most new teachers are also new to all the germs and use up their sick days. Ask your coworkers and assigned mentor to clarify any unclear procedures. For example, it's important to know how the administration expects you to handle disruptive students. All schools have policies and procedures for students that you need to learn.

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Read through the student handbook , paying close attention to what students are told about discipline, dress code, attendance, grades, and in-class behavior. For example, schools and school districts have different policies regarding student cellphone use.

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  • Some districts confiscate student cellphones for students or parents to pick up in the office after school when students use the devices in class. Other districts are more lenient and give two or three warnings.

    Unsolicited advice, Part Deux: Choosing a grad school

    It's important to know what category your district and school fall under. Meet and begin to make friends with your coworkers, especially those who teach in the classrooms near yours. You will turn to them first with questions and concerns. It is also essential that you meet and begin to build relationships with key people around the school such as the school secretary, library media specialist, janitorial staff, and individual in charge of teacher absences.

    Make sure to arrange classroom desks the way you want them for the school year. Take some time to add decorations to bulletin boards or hang posters about topics you will be covering during the year. One of the first things you should learn is the procedure for making photocopies. Some schools require you to turn in requests in advance so the office staff can make the copies for you.

    Chapter 1. Educating Everybody's Children: We Know What Works—And What Doesn't

    Other schools allow you to make them yourself. In either case, you need to plan ahead to prepare copies for the first day. Do not put this off until the last minute because you run the risk of running out of time. Know where supplies are kept. If there is a book room, check out the materials you will need in advance.

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    Make detailed lesson plans, including directions for yourself on what to do throughout each class period for at least the first week of school or even the first month. Read them and know them. Do not try to "wing it" that first week.