Turn Your Words Into Traffic: Finally! the Secret to Non-Stop Free Targeted Website Traffic

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Different ad accounts can use different pages, so make sure you double-check this. But this next step is where AdEspresso really shines. This allows you to add a new headline to test. You can either try something completely different, or you might just use a variant on the original. This is where AdEspresso makes it easy.

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With AdEspresso, you can create dozens of variations on your campaign with a few clicks. Even better, you can manage them all in one dashboard and compare their progress. You can change headlines, ad texts, and anything else you want. But different countries use different currencies, have different cultural understandings, and, perhaps most importantly, have different income levels. A popular ad with a massive click-through rate in a less-developed country might not yield a single sale.

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When testing this variable, look for countries with a higher income level and cultural interest in your product or content. I recommend testing age windows separately. For example, you could target one ad set to those age , another to those age , and another for users age 45 and above. If one of those outperforms the others, break it into narrower categories. If viewers age love your ad, try a test and a test. For example, you may find that year-olds love your product, as do customers age This gives you insight into how you can target two different ad sets.

Of all the variables here, gender is the simplest. Facebook only has targeting available for men and women, which makes it easy. Chances are, you already know the best language for your product. However, there are some exceptions. In addition to the broad demographic targeting Facebook offers, you can also target your ads to people with unique characteristics. The detailed targeting option allows you to target consumers based on demographics, interests, or behaviors.

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The easiest way to use this feature is to type in a phrase that best describes an interest your target audience shares. You can then choose from the expanded category list that Facebook presents you with. I recommend testing between audiences with different interests. For an even more precise campaign, you can click the Browse button in the Detailed Targeting box.

There are four options: demographics, interests, behaviors, and more categories. These include life stages, home type, and even specific time-sensitive groups, like those with a close male friend celebrating a birthday in the next week. One of my favorite metrics is the income analysis.

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Whatever your goals are, look for relevant pieces of information that could help refine your campaign. Test with a few variables at a time, and keep the variables that improve your results consistent. This is great for finding groups of people who are interested in products or content similar to yours. Test with audiences who like similar ads to see how well they perform. This may increase the price of your campaign, but it is usually worth it for the highly detailed information you receive about the users. If one of the options here is relevant to you, start testing immediately!

The extra price will probably pay for itself in better-targeted campaigns. These are limited and tend to show up differently for different users. First, exclude people who like your page, then show ads only to those who like your page. This code can track users on your landing page, shopping cart, or thank-you page after they download a coupon. You can then send ads directly to these users. I provide exact details on how to install a pixel in my article on increasing ecommerce sales using Facebook Ads.

Specify how you want to target people. The most common way is to target based on the URL they visited. This adds a lot of power to your campaigns, and it can offer the optimization you need to bring your campaign to success. Instead of spending valuable ad dollars building your brand identity , save money by targeting people who already know what you have to offer. If you have a subscription product with a trial version, you can easily retarget ads to trial users.

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You can create powerful ads that meet potential customers where they are. Offer special promotions or just a reminder to sign up.

Turn Your Words into Traffic: Finally! the Secret to Non-Stop Free Targeted Website Traffic

One of the easiest and most profitable campaigns you can test is retargeting people who abandoned their carts. Shockingly, eMarketer also found that retargeted follow-up within one hour resulted in a conversion rate of Remember, Facebook updates its retargeting regularly after setting up the campaign. If you target abandoned carts, it will continue to add customers as it runs. Tell the prospect you want him or her to check out! By changing the way Facebook runs your ads, you can usually save money and optimize your conversions and traffic. I just mean using ad settings differently than what Facebook thinks is best.

It also has a lot to do with time zones. You can agonize for hours about when to post updates so people will see them. But you can easily schedule your ads to maximize performance. Just click on Run Ads on a Schedule. Instead, you can focus on what times are the best. For example, you might want to market your content to people before and after work on weekdays.

By changing your objective from conversions to traffic, for example , you may be able to improve the cost-per-click of your campaigns. If you have a way of testing click-through rates and conversions, just about any test is worth doing at least once. You might not consider display options to make a difference in your campaigns, but they can dramatically change how well your ads perform. Different placements give your advertisement new prominence, and they may turn a dismal and dry campaign into a thriving and profitable one.

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According to ZeroHedge, Facebook currently has over 1 billion monthly active mobile users. For one, mobile ads are smaller and have less available text. For an educational long-form text ad, this can be a killer. Also, mobile users tend to have a shorter attention span on the content itself. My content like this article is usually detailed and in-depth. But do a test between mobile and desktop and see if your conversion rates improve. Try running ads on just mobile or just desktop, depending on what you think might work perform best.

One of the results of that was allowing Facebook Ads to run seamlessly on Instagram. And finally, on Facebook Messenger.

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  • There is no perfect ad placement type for your campaign, and Facebook will usually work in your best interests here. But if you know from previous data that, say, Instagram traffic is more likely to purchase than Facebook traffic, by all means, run some tests. Back in the day, Facebook only allowed sidebar ads. The news feed ads we see now are a relatively new creation, and they usually perform much better. I saw for one of the Veed. That could be an option where you find a great designer or developer and link back to each of your own projects.

    Love this concept! Funny thing is, I was reading another blog post this morning about branding and how 25 bloggers had chosen their domain name. Your blog was mentioned as an example of combining two words that give a unique thought that make people curious about what you are about. Many of the bloggers were using names other than their own name for reasons of keyword search which had me thinking that maybe I needed to start over with a new name and blog. Then I thought about creating a new blog with a great keyword rich name that had links in the content directing people to my old blog.

    And then I thought about using redirects with cloaking but thought that would be weird when they landed on my site and it made no sense with the content and the url. So, I guess my first thought was along the lines of what you wrote about here except we are talking about pure value and only a couple of pages with a great URL instead of a blog. More along the lines of a landing page.