The Pridelands 5: Khalid’s Challenge

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They had spent so much time together, covering themselves in each other until their scents combined. Trust his little Cittaja to try and hasten things along. Sitting up, Khalid stretched out his arm, grasping a flowering ljuba plant nearby. He squeezed the stem and thick liquid oozed out, surrounding them with the sweet scent of the ljuba.

His fingers slick, Khalid grinned wickedly, his hand disappearing for a moment. Pran narrowed his eyes, waiting. Khalid shifted under his hold, his big body undulating, soft mewls escaping him as he thrust one finger into his tight hole. Thrusting gently, Khalid quickly added another long digit, tossing his head.

Pran shifted his hold, running the palm of one hand back to caress that muscular ass, squeezing the firm globe. Khalid whimpered, his body tensed, one hand quickly going to his curved shaft, squeezing tightly to stop himself from releasing and ending the sweet torment. His cock was flushed, weeping from the slit in a near constant stream that coated his barbs, inflaming the small nubs.

Pran smirked. Khalid was doing everything possible to keep his fingers away from those sensitive barbs. A single flick from one of his deadly claws and he would be coming hard. When Khalid had himself under control again, Pran decided to move things along. A reminder of who he belonged to.

Khalid cried out, bearing down on the digits, rhythmically thrusting now.

Khalid's Challenge

I need you now. He thrust his tongue inside Khalid, licking at his teeth, the roof of his mouth, just wallowing in his taste before letting Khalid sit up. Pran grasped his shaft with his free hand, holding it in place for his Cittaja. His Cittaja was always so perfectly tight, a warm vise that welcomed Pran every time. He would never tire of this, even when they were both old men, too sated from years of loving to fight their neighbors in the normal territorial battles. Oh, Pran. Fuck me. Khalid wriggled, twisting and sighing with every motion.

His hand went to his cock, fisting the thick shaft, one finger lifting to brush his barbs, causing him to shake. Snapping his hips one last time, he felt his release start at the base of his spine, jetting out of him in spine-tingling bursts. Pran stretched, clasping Khalid tightly to his chest. I love you. Always mine, you will always be mine.

You will always be mine. Khalid rumbled, just barely resisting throwing Pran up against the wall. Baring his fangs, he watched Pran stomp away from him, itching to go after him and teach him some control. It was almost laughable. Every time he was close to the Tigris man, his control was lost entirely. He felt like a cub again, unsure, his emotions running freely. It was all he could do to hide himself away until he was back to normal. For the past fifteen years Khalid had gained a reputation for being cold and calculating.

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He could always be counted on to provide a level head, to look at things in a way that others missed. He wondered sometimes if he would have ended up the same had he stayed on Himalay instead of moving off planet.

Jade Buchanan

Who would he be now? He was who he was. He would not change that because some Tigris was bent out of shape. Fifteen years ago, they had parted in a way guaranteed to harbor resentments. Let me help you. Khalid dredged up a smile for her, thumping his own tail along the wall. Inhaling, he let his breath out in a shuddering sigh. So much has changed in the past few months.

It just was. She nodded in understanding. This is good, is it not? He loved his life. He had always felt welcomed by his Leo brothers and sister. So why was he full of unrest now? Was it just because of the presence of Pran? I always will. He is my Binnodara, just as Jai is. He had left everything behind on Himalay, including his sister and brother. He barely contacted his mother and the man who had raised him as his son. He rubbed his wrist, feeling the scars that lay there, a constant reminder of who he now was.

You must be sure this is what you want.

Series: Pridelands

Khalid considered the man who had raised him, the man he had once called Janaka, father. There is no other way. Is this what you want? He would carry the pain of it for eternity. It was the price that had to be paid. Khalid nodded, unable to force the words past the restriction in his throat.

They will not understand. You do not fully understand. You will in time. They may in time. The future is open to many possibilities. But you will not return. This is a certainty. I banish you, son who is no son of mine. I banish you. If he let them out, he was afraid they would not stop.

Unsheathing his claws, he held his hand out to the man who was no longer his father, his palm facing up. Blood flowed freely between them, neither man making a sound. The pain was welcome to Khalid. It dulled the ache in his chest, stopped the flow of tears. He gritted his teeth, acknowledging the choice he had made. He would live with his actions. Force down the pain until he no longer felt it. It was the only way for him to go on. It is not in your nature. We understand why you made the choices that you did. At least I understand.

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Jai is young. He knows that you care for him.

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When he is older, he will come to realize that you did the right thing. And if he does not come to the realization on his own, I am sure your other sister will beat it into him. Khalid grinned. Things had certainly become more complicated in the past weeks. A few weeks ago, his families were separated.

His younger siblings had never met each other and the older ones only briefly. Now… well, now they were definitely not separated. His family was now irreparably connected. Only time would tell how that would affect him.