The Initiation of Sound Change: Perception, Production, and Social Factors

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Similarly, listeners adjust, or normalize, for the variation introduced by speakers who differ in their anatomical and socio-indexical characteristics, yet listeners also use that socially structured variation to facilitate their linguistic judgments.

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Investigations of the time course of perception show that these perceptual accommodations occur rapidly, as the acoustic signal unfolds in real time. Thus, listeners closely attend to the phonetic details made available by different contexts and different speakers.

The Initiation of Sound Change

The structured, lawful nature of this variation informs perception. These listener-specific experiences contribute to individual differences in perceptual processing. However, even listeners from linguistically homogenous backgrounds differ in their attention to the various acoustic properties that simultaneously convey linguistically and socially meaningful information.

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  4. The nature and source of listener-specific perceptual strategies serve as an important window on perceptual processing and on how that processing might contribute to sound change. Theories of speech perception aim to explain how listeners interpret the input acoustic signal as linguistic forms. A theoretical account should specify the principles that underlie accurate, stable, flexible, and dynamic perception as achieved by different listeners in different contexts.

    Current theories differ in their conception of the nature of the information that listeners recover from the acoustic signal, with one fundamental distinction being whether the recovered information is gestural or auditory.

    Factors of Social Change

    Current approaches also differ in their conception of the nature of phonological representations in relation to speech perception, although there is increasing consensus that these representations are more detailed than the abstract, invariant representations of traditional formal phonology.

    Ongoing work in this area investigates how both abstract information and detailed acoustic information are stored and retrieved, and how best to integrate these types of information in a single theoretical model.

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    Keywords: acoustic variation , sociophonetic variation , coarticulation , perceptual compensation , normalization , gestural perception , auditory perception , exemplar models , individual differences , sound change. Access to the complete content on Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics requires a subscription or purchase.

    This volume examines current approaches to sound change from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, including articulatory variation and modeling, speech perception mechanisms and neurobiological processes, geographical and social variation, and diachronic phonology. Printed Pages: x, pp. Printed Pages: 0. Seller Inventory Seller Inventory BV.

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    Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. An overarching goal of this research program is to inform a more comprehensive model of the production-perception relation for coarticulated speech.

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    Pam Beddor teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in phonetics articulation, acoustics, speech perception, speech science, the phonetics of sound change as well as the gateway course Introduction to Linguistic Analysis. In recent years she has also supervised undergraduate honors theses in speech perception. She is an elected member of the International Phonetic Association Council. Submit Site Search Search.

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