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Download the three Adobe Acrobat. Viktor Nigri Moszkowicz: viktor. Advised by Professor Alexandre Assaf Neto. In corporate finance and traditional capital budgeting, discounted cash flow methods have prevailed as the basic structure in most approaches to investment and shareholder value analysis. The evolution of the option pricing theory, however, has added a whole new set of tools to the traditional group of theories and practices, necessary to the good management and exploitation of the value from uncertainty and volatility.

These tools broaden the value generation parameters by adding the managerial flexibility and uncertainty concepts.

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Amid this overall context, the present work has tried to research and present the real asset investment analysis methodology based on the option pricing theory real options , its characteristics, limitations and applications in business environments characterized by high economic volatility. Therefore, this study begins with the review of several theories used in capital budgeting, aiming to present them from their most basic form, up to the main, most sophisticated and recent methods, which include concepts like time value of the money and risk. Finally, in order to demonstrate the applicability of the methods discussed, a theoretical exercise, which simulates a real case, is developed, considering an environment of high volatility, analyzing the opportunities that the real options theory may grant.

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As a result of this study, it is concluded that the real options analysis may be a viable and preferable alternative if compared to traditional methodologies, when used in an uncertain environment, in association with managerial flexibility, like the general environment that characterizes the Latin America region. Download the Adobe Acrobat. Regina Caspari Monteiro: rcmontei uol. You can send an e-mail to Jerry P. Flatto: JFlatto sprynet. Katia M. Katia presents an overview of numerical techniques that has been used in the real options practice. She describes with more details the finite differences method.

Katia Rocha: katiaroc iis. In a future article, Katia will analyze with more details, the methods for American options evaluation using Monte Carlo simulation see also the Dias paper on Monte Carlo for real options in this website. One important advantage of Monte Carlo simulation is the computation time that grows linearly in the number of state variables, not exponentially.

Lattice methods like the popular binomial, although very useful to develop the intuition, have the drawback that computing time grows exponentially in the number of state variables. See below an excerpt from this dissertation item 1. Purpose: In this essay I propose a way to model the opportunity cost of waiting using game theory that can be integrated into the binomial model for options pricing. My hypothesis is that the opportunity cost can be derived from seeing the capital investment as a game of incomplete information, and that this cost can in turn be modeled in much the same way dividends are modeled in options pricing.

Download the monograph: the Word for Windows file. In this manual the readers will find the translation of the chapters to Portuguese, many proofs not developed by the authors, and additional discussion of many points for better understanding. It is a must for students and teachers using this classic book. To download the compressed.

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This manual is a compilation of the class notes of Prof. The final responsibility for the editing, compilation, revision and organization of the work is mine, as well as of any errors in it. Brandao bus. The Matlab files - available to download, are offered for educational purposes only, by Luke J. The user must have Matlab's optimization toolbox to run the programs.

Any text editor can read these files. In both cases there are links to download the Matlab and the image files. Download the Matlab file dpfigure See the correspondent figure by clicking here file dpfigure75screen. You can send an e-mail to Luke J. Sparvero lsparver exchange.

Leo Lundquist , Spring Tutored by Professor Mats Persson. This very interesting monograph on bids in offshore leases at GoM Golf of Mexico discusses topics like "winner's curse" and value of option, presenting econometric tests that support the option pricing theory. Matlab code used in the monograph is available at the dissertation appendix. See below the abstract and download the entire monograph both in English. I examine whether a two-factor real option model, dependent on the spot price of crude oil and the convenience yield, can explain the highest bids in offshore petroleum auctions held by the U.

Applying the model to 23 viable offshore leases, offered in the Federal lease sale No. Moreover, evidence is presented indicating disparities between the short- and long-term market price of convenience yield risk for crude oil futures on NYMEX. Download the monograph in Adobe Acrobat.

See also the Leo Lundquist's M. Both paper Word for Windows 97 and presentation Powerpoint 97 both in English are available to download. The files are compressed. The Brazilian government is now planning to implement natural forest concessions for timber extraction.

Money for nothing: How firms have financed R&D-projects since the Industrial Revolution

In addition to the legal requirements imposed on the management of concessions minimum reserves, maximum extraction rates, etc. This paper proposes a method to appraise the value of forest concessions based on the real option theory ROT. By combining the hypothesis of uncertainties in the volume of logs in a concession and future wood prices with inter-temporal maximization of profits, the method provides a more realistic estimate of the market value of concessions than does Net Present Value, which does not take these uncertainties into account.

Since forest concessions are public resources, differences of that magnitude cannot be neglected. The paper also proposes methods to estimate the probability distribution of logging volumes in concession areas along with future prices. The volume distribution is specified in a spatial model as a function of geographic characteristics of the area as well of the neighboring areas.

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Each company faces day to day investment opportunities. Just by staying in business the company is taking a decision of reinvesting. The question arising for those managers who have the responsibility of allocating capital is the criteria they should use to differentiate between investment alternatives.

The most proven, traditional and popular method of valuation is Discounted Cash Flow henceforth DCF , which provides comparable information.

Project Management Under Risk: Using the Real Options Approach to Evaluate Flexibility in R…D

This method requires both the assessment of expected future cash flows and a risk adjusted rate used in the discount coefficient. Besides the current business the company is in, it can also face horizontal or vertical growth opportunities should events unfold favorable. Given the existence of these options for contingent or future growth, what would therefore be the value of the company? Jose Pablo Dapena: jd cema. Ajax R.

click The Brazilian Regulatory Framework for the Electricity Business was thoroughly to allow private investors to participate in the power generation, transmission and distribution. To be successful this policy shall provide attractive economical conditions for required investments in the system expansion, especially in new power generation.

The Power Spot and Future Markets forward contracts are affected by the Regulatory Framework in many important aspects, such as:. This is the second version of the paper on real options value of a forest concession in Legal Amazon by the IPEA researchers. The first version was presented in the Real Options Conference at Chicago September, and is available in this website since then. The new version has improvements like the use of mean-reversion to model the timber prices, and more both paper and presentation in English.

The model was adapted to analyze the economic attractiveness of Amazon forest concessions. Both paper in.

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