Predictability of the Swiss Stock Market with Respect to Style

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We can order this Usually dispatched within 3 weeks. Quantity Add to basket. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. Patrick Scheurle investigates refined market segments such as small value stocks or large growth stocks with respect to return predictability. The empirical research reveals significant positive first-order serial correlation in the returns of large value stocks, large neutral stocks, small neutral stocks, and small growth stocks.

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Roger Lowenstein. Currency Trading For Dummies. Kathleen Brooks. More Money Than God. Sebastian Mallaby. The Money Machine. Philip Coggan. Intelligent Investor. Business angels stressed learning needs of entrepreneurs in the field of testing the business idea and communicating with early users. Creating the cooperative entrepreneurial team was also considered an important learning challenge.

Entrepreneurship education should prepare young entrepreneurs to understand the role of symbiotic entrepreneurship and different stakeholders in the start-up venture development process.

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Keywords : entrepreneurship; business opportunities; start-up process; business angels; knowledge gaps; co-operation; trust; Estonia. Examining female entrepreneurial firms: Can we predict growth orientation? Traditional growth models seem unable to account for this phenomenon and do not consider differences in gender as a causal factor. Consequently, this paper examines the growth orientation of female-owned firms in Ireland. Specifically, it identifies the factors that impact upon this process and provides clarity on predicting the growth trajectories based upon these entrepreneurial and organisational factors.

As such, it aims to provide a mechanism to predict and stimulate high growth businesses among female entrepreneurs both within Ireland and across similar countries. Keywords : Female entrepreneurs; Growth Factors; Growth trajectories. The success of these women entrepreneurs came at the back of a plethora of intertwined complexities these women entrepreneurs had to contend against. Vho Denga andrnVho Masindi were successful bricoleur entrepreneurs. Their activities have influenced a few other local women to enter entrepreneurship.

This paper finds that these entrepreneurs never developed into larger formal entities commonly known as SMMEs. Vho Denga and Vho Masindi should be considered and utilised as role models and mentors of aspiring women entrepreneurs. It identified and categorized e-commerce as an innovation among microenterprises. It also assessed the level of innovativeness on the use of e-commerce and determined the effects of adoption on firms performance.

Primary data was collected from microenterprises engaged in furniture works, leather products, clothing and textiles from three states in Nigeria through the use of questionnaire. The result showed that majority Adoption had positive and significant on performance.

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The study established that e-commerce adoption improves firm performance; however SSEs still lags in their level of adoption. There is therefore the need for SSEs to be sensitized to enhance total institutionalization of e-commerce. The developed measure was tested for reliability and validity. We found that Degree or Extent, Speed, and Scope are the three dimensions of Internationalisation for SMEs, and also found them reliable and valid to measure this construct.

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Predictability of the Swiss Stock Market with Respect to Style

Results of this study contradict with some past studies which supported Internationalisation of SMEs being a uni-dimensional construct. But, results are also supported by some previous studies,for claiming Internationalisation of SMEs being a Multi-dimensional construct. This study will imply to practitioners in assessment of Internationalisation in their SMEs, related to degree, speed and scope. Objectives of policies and programes to promote Internationalisation in SMEs can be set accordingly.

In addition, International Entrepreneurship researchers can use this measure to further study and investigate Internationalisation of SMEs. This study provides a ground for future to add more dimensions to the Internationalisation construct.

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The research builds on the technology gap theory and the analysis of the self-selection of firms into the export market. Unlike other studies that have focused on the export behaviour of firms in developed economies where business environment is generally stable and favourable, the paper controls for the relevance of business environment and the stage of transition on export performance of firms. Findings show that the impact of innovation on export performance increases with the transition reforms. Macroeconomic instability acts as a moderating factor of export performance in countries at high transition stage, as it pushes firms to export more, as a risk shifting mechanism.

The main implication of the study is that the impact of some explanatory factors on export performance differs through the stages of transition. Keywords : export performance; innovation; transition stage; quality of institutions.

DOI: Findings indicate that in the home countries, government regulations and lack of human and financial resources were the most determinant impeding factors while welcoming attitude of local rulers was the most determinant facilitating factor. In the host country, tolerance, openness, recognition and validation of credentials from the home country, and government services for immigrants were found as the most significant factors that facilitate the start-up and development of diasporic transnational entrepreneurship.

The lack of these factors impedes the start-up and development of diasporic transnational activities. Present paper has taken up perceptual measure of success. Nine success factors are identified on basis of past researches and women entrepreneurs perception on these factors is measured with the help of primary survey conducted on all the registered women owned enterprises in the northern state of India. Entrepreneurs background characteristics and enterprise characteristics are considered to assess whether they have an impact on the success perception of the entrepreneurs.

The study shows that family size, education, firms size and age have impact on success perception of women entrepreneurs.

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The major contribution of the paper is that the background of entrepreneur as well as enterprise are studied together to assess their impact on success perception. An interdisciplinary literature review result in identification of previous studies suggesting positive relationship between women entrepreneurship practice, ICT adoption and business performance. A conceptual framework is then developed, the concept of six WEP dimension entrepreneurial traits, entrepreneurial experience, management skill, customer relation, training and education and environment ; two ICT adoption dimension e-commerce and m-commerce ; and two BP measures financial performance and non-financial performance.

The conceptual framework linked different constructs from empirical study in the literature to the explanatory variable relative to women entrepreneur in Malaysia and Indonesia. The implication of this study is expected to highlighting the importance of WEP and the role of ICT adoption for BP and clarifies which practices approaches are valuable.

In future, a research model will be developed by testing the proposed conceptual framework using Structural Equation Modelling SEM. Keywords : Gender; women entrepreneurship practices; business performance; ICT adoption; entrepreneurial traits; entrepreneurial experience; management skill; customer relation; training and education; environment.

The data was collected, from Micro credit financing participants and a control group of non-participants, through cluster sampling technique.

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The research reveals that participation in micro-credit finance program eradicates poverty in Pakistan. Participation in MFP also empowers women in Pakistan through poverty eradication. However, the study found that MFPs are not lending to the poorest of the poor.

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Study results are helpful for policy makers so that they can use effective policies in order to eradicate the poverty and unemployment from society.