Industrial Glass: Glazes and Enamels

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Oxides [].

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SnO 2 []. TiO 2 []. SiO 2 []. Al 2 O 3 []. In 2 O 3 []. ZnO []. ZrO 2 []. Other specific oxides []. Non-specific enumeration []. Mixtures []. Doped oxides []. Al, Cu, Mg or noble metals []. Al []. Cu []. Noble metals []. Au [].

Boron in Ceramics, Enamels, and Glazes

Ag []. Refractory metals []. Ti, Zr, Hf []. V, Nb, Ta []. Cr, Mo, W [].

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Iron-group metals, i. Fe, Co or Ni []. Light metals other than Al []. Metals other than noble metals, Cu or Hg []. Other specific metals []. Mixtures of metals, alloys []. Other inorganic materials []. Nitrides []. Carbides, silicides [].

Industrial glass: glazes and enamels - 1st Edition

Borides, phosphides []. Halides [].

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Fluorides []. Chlorides []. Chalcogenides []. Sulfides []. Selenides, tellurides []. Coatings comprising at least one inhomogeneous layer []. Organic continuous phases []. Inorganic continuous phases []. Glass [].

Kiln Fired Glass Enamels – Frequently Asked Questions

Inorganic materials []. Tin oxide or doped tin oxide []. Titanium oxide []. Silica [].

Silver foil and on glaze paint - 2010

Pigments []. Properties of coatings []. Photocatalytic coatings []. Decorative coatings []. Anti-reflective coatings with specific characteristics []. UV-absorbing coatings []. Hydrophilic and oleophilic coatings []. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings [].

Coatings having a rough surface []. Coatings specially designed to be durable, e. Other aspects of coatings []. Coatings containing at least one layer having a composition gradient through its thickness []. Coating of crystal glass []. Coatings containing a reinforcement comprising fibers or grids []. Transparent conductive oxide layers [TCO] being part of a multilayer coating []. Layers comprising zinc oxide []. Layers comprising indium tin oxide [ITO] [].

Methods for coating glass [].

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Deposition methods []. Aspects of methods for coating glass not covered above []. Pre-treatment []. Oxidation []. De-oxidation []. Nitriding [].

Partly or completely removing a coating []. Reverse coating []. Masking [].