Imperfect: A Missing Person Mystery

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Dale Williams - Unsolved Mysteries

Moriarty had fought just days before his disappearance. Detectives have also questioned the owner of a roadside tea house, leading to morbid jokes about the filling in her meat pies. But with no clear evidence or even a motive for Mr. Larrimah is about the size of a city block and surrounded by head-high, impenetrable thick scrub. Red dirt tracks are everywhere, and the main road through town has long been notorious for murders and mysterious disappearances, including a British backpacker who vanished 17 years ago.

I started with the former, a musty pub and hotel where Mr. Moriarty, 70, was last seen. Behind him, out a nearby window, I could see a sugar glider, a small possum, clinging to a cage.


Sharpe told me his passion is nurturing the exotic animals he keeps behind the bright pink hotel, which he has owned for almost 15 years. The mix includes rare and exotic birds, snakes and a hulking saltwater crocodile named Sam, to whom some suspect Mr. Moriarty was fed after being murdered. All Mr. It was then that locals sounded the alarm. A three-day search by foot, on four-wheel-drives and from the air ruled out death by misadventure. To date, the police have found no trace of Mr. Moriarty or his dog.


One of the last people to see Mr. Moriarty was Richard Simpson, the one-time bartender at the Pink Panther, who has a reputation for volatility. Sharpe said of Mr. Simpson, his former employee. Upon being told that some people in Larrimah thought he had something to do with the disappearance, Mr.

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Simpson instead suggested that the police should be looking elsewhere — down the main road at the Tea House. The cook, Fran Hodgetts, 75, has long prided herself on her scones and meat pies. She often tells visitors they are famous around the world. I tried the scones but not the meat pies: The New York Times cannot confirm their contents. Moriarty and Ms. Hodgetts were neighbors who often clashed, the police said. He lived directly across the main road from the Tea House, and several people in town said it had annoyed him when her customers parked on his property.

As payback, residents said, Mr.

James Pendrick

Moriarty routinely told them not to eat her food because nothing was homemade or fresh, adding that even his dog would not eat her pies. If Mr. Moriarty had enemies, he also had allies: Years ago, when Mr. Sharpe, the publican from the Pink Panther, decided his crocodile Sam was not enough of an attraction, he started selling his own meat pies.

Hodgetts told investigators that Mr. Moriarty regularly taunted her. Last year, it got serious enough for her to seek an order of protection, but a local court rejected her request.

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