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Narrative consciousness; structure and perception in the fiction of Kafka, Beckett, and Robbe-Grillet. Aesthetic interpreting and describing: their functions in regard to the trans-interpretive art of Kafka and Zen. Kafka and Malamud: symptomalogy of alienation: a comparison of the short stories of Franz Kafka and Bernard Malamud. Review of Franz Kafka.

Review of Proceedings of the Comparative Literature Symposium. Identity and difference: a study of systemic structures in selected works by Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett and Thomas Pynchon. Franz Kafka: 3 July — 3 June [catalogue of] an exhibition of autograph manuscripts and early editions. Franz Kafka 3 July — 3 June an exhibition of autograph manuscripts and early editions. Metaphor and metamorphosis: the radical transformation of realtity in the work of Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges.

The uses of myth in four modern tragedies: a discussion of the relationship between mythic content and the idea of tragedy.

Analysis of Franz Kafka’s Novels

An investigation of the grotesque as a stylistic device in selected works of Franz Kafka with special emphasis. Agnon, and Watt by Samuel Beckett. The character of Joseph K. The universal principle of aloneness and a reflexive theory of consciousness: a study of Franz Kafka.

A complete contextual concordance to Franz Kafka, Der Prozess: with alphabetical and reverse word indexes. Analyses of selected works for the soprano voice written in serial technique by living composers. The Norton anthology of world masterpieces. Volume 2, Literature of western culture since the Renaissance. Rhetoric and modality in first-person narration: three studies comparing Franz Kafka with nineteenth-century authors.

Franz Kafka criticism - an annotated bibliography

Catalogue of the Kafka centenary exhibition, [simultaneously held at the Bodleian library and the Taylor institution library, Oxford]. Die Veroffentlichungen zu seinen Lebzeiten : Eine textkritische und kommentierte Bibliographie. Review of: Franz Kafka: Das Schloss.

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Entwurf einer Deutung. Paths and labyrinths: nine papers read at the Franz Kafka symposium held at the Institute of Germanic studies on 20 and 21 October, Abdo Abboud, Deutsche Romane im arabischen Orient. Franz Kafka eighteen hundred and eighty-three to nineteen hundred and eighty-three Franz Kafka his craft and thought. Problems in interpretation: the quest for certainty in the fiction of Franz Kafka and Elie Wiesel. Volume 2. The strong light of the canonical: Kafka, Freud and Scholem as revisionists of Jewish culture and thought.

Eine kommentierte Bibliographie der Sekundarliteratur , mit einem Nachtrag bis Guilt, judgment, punishment, and salvation in the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Franz Kafka, and the importance of dreams to their language and imagery.


The influence of Franz Kafka upon the theatre of Harold Pinter — with special reference to the struggle between father and son. Juni in Konigswinter. Formalist performance theory and dramaturgy in prose fiction with special application to the fiction of Franz Kafka. Committee of Literature and Philosophy. The inherent nature of alienation: a Darwinian interpretation of the works of Franz Kafka with particular emphasis on the short stories. The role of Mrs.

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The submerged son a psychoanalysis of totalitarianism and authoritarianism in the East European and Latin American novel. Nietzsche and the end of freedom: the neo-romantic dilemma in Kafka, the brothers Mann, Rilke and Musil, The call of the daimon: [love and truth in the writings of Franz Kafka: The trial and the castle].

Stumbling writers, crumbling words: portraits of the writer in the works of Mann, Hoffmannsthal, Rilke and Kafka. What does Hegel make of the Jews? Critical theory and the novel: mass society and cultural criticism in Dickens, Melville, and Kafka. The Elemental passion for place in the ontopoiesis of life passions of the soul in the Imaginatio creatrix. Twentieth-century literary criticism, volume excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers, and other creative writers who lived between and , from the first published critical appraisals to current evaluations.

The treasure chest: unexpected reunion and other stories, illustrated with contemporary woodcuts. An English Kafka? Beetle or beggar? The wounded imagination: a psychological analysis of the life and art of Franz Kafka and Odilon Redon. Memorial volume on the occasion of the thirteenth yahrzeit of James H. Jamie Lehmann, , June 12th, Men, women, and history: a biographical reader in Western civilization since the sixteenth century.

Stations of the divided subject: contestation and ideological legitimation in German bourgeois literature, Imaginative literature: selections from the twentieth century; translated by Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux. Order in a world of chaos: a comparative study of a central dialectic in works of Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka and Luis Cernuda. The problems of privacy and trust in modern literature, and their relation to the idea of freedom.

Transcendence lost: the desire for an inaccessible noumenon in the short fiction of Gogol and Kafka. Actes du colloque international de Montpellier janvier Schlossmacher Award]. Charles Dickens meets Franz Kafka in how the Giuliani administrationn flouted court orders and abused homeless families and children. The romantic theory of the novel: genre and reflection in Cervantes, Melville, Flaubert, Joyce, and Kafka. Transfrontier Waste Shipments and Proportionality. Translated by Mark Harman. Henrik Ibsen; Sophocles. Short stories for students.

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Volume 3: presenting analysis, context and criticism on commonly studied short stories. Calibrating difficulty in modernist literature the space for reading in Djuna Barnes and Franz Kafka. Maurice Gode and Michel Vanoosthuyse, eds. Novels for students. Volume 7: presenting analysis, context and criticism on commonly studied novels. The hermeneutical tyrant and his impotent subject interpretation, violence, and power in the works of Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka: internationale Bibliographie der Primar- und Sekundarliteratur: eine Einfuhrung 1 Bibliographie der Primarliteratur: — Volume 7: presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied short stories. Radclyffe Hall, E. Scott Spector.

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Going beyond the pairs: the coincidence of opposites in German romanticism, Zen, and deconstruction. The literary a ranking of the most influential novelists, playwrights, and poets of all time. From the center to the circumference: encyclopedic topologies in literature from Dante through modern science fiction. Orality and Literacy, Intimacy and Alienation: the eternal, internal, contradictions of teaching composition. Eine Einfuhrung. Scott Spector, Prague Territories.

The city of K. International Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Literature.