Foundational Studies: Selected Works

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Research topics for proposed theses, projects, or dissertations may include any relevant combination of philosophical, historical, or sociological research perspectives. Previous study in History, Philosophy, or Sociology is helpful, but not required, for study in this program, and applicants for both the Magisterial and Doctoral degrees are welcomed from all disciplinary and professional backgrounds.

The Selected Works of Samuel Pearce

Program information may be obtained from the Graduate Area Advisor, Dr. Graham McDonough :.

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Telephone: E-mail: gpmcd uvic. Apply online. Please contact the department regarding supervisor availability. The MEd program provides students with the research skills and knowledge to work as master teachers, educational leaders, policy analysts, and consultants to government and other community agencies. It consists of ONE Research Methodology course 1.

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Description google : General Equilibrium Theory, which became the dominating paradigm after the Second World War, is founded on the postulated existence, uniqueness, and stability of equilibrium in economic processes. Since then, the concept has come under sustained attack from all points of the heterodox compass, from Austrian economists to Marxists. Partly in response to these pressures, mainstream economics has changed and moved away from the rigid framework of GET. Nonetheless, economists are continually arguing in terms of equilibrium and the existence of a variety of equilibrium concepts continues to stir controversy.

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The contributions in this book, which include articles from Tony Lawson, Ivor Grattan-Guinness and Roger Backhouse, highlight current notions of equilibrium in economics and provide a guide to understanding the links between economic theory and economic reality. Character Limit Proof Theory For Fuzzy Logics.

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Rudiments of mu-calculus. Outlines of a Formalist Philosophy of Mathematics.

Lectures in Logic and Set Theory. Volume 2: Set Theory.

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Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic.