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Each MSI motherboard is built based on the specific topic in order to match different tastes and favors. Furthermore, MSI also adopts the modern style to design the heatsink through huge surface and sleek but simple cuts in order to make the heatsink and appearance looks ripped and powerful. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aesop Rock Blockhead El-P. Bazooka Tooth Build Your Own Bazooka Tooth Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives This is so blatantly stupid it really should not be encouraged and propagated by the likes of you.

The post should come down. It could be plastered with warnings and pointing out that shooting anything at anything not owned by oneself is illegal.

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How about you please take this down today and put it back up in a couple of weeks. Seeing this here today is quite appalling. I think you completely missed my point. It is thinking like that that makes people think all hackers are terrorists. According to the law, they are whether the act itself is legal or not. Hacking things instills panic and fear, therefore terrorism. Yes it is a stupid project by a stupid idiot.

Could still be useful as inspiration how not to do it. IIRC military bazooka-type systems use a blackpowder charge for ejection To launch the rocket the easiest way would be to have a local battery and some type of delay.

Welcome to Reddit,

Now add this project to this HaD. European TV stations changed their broadcasting programming when the space shuttle Columbia exploded in I am sure that if there had been Americans on board the posting of this project would have been postponed.

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Oh yeah, btw.. I strongly believe that HaD has a lot of readers in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia… Those countries are mourning. Well, I guess most of the people come to the HaD site to see some cool hacks and electronics and stuff, not to be reminded of a terrorist attack.

Why are some people here so mean and angry and insensitive? As an american I do not see the shoot down as a terrorist attack. I see it as an act of war. The president is talking about it and yes it is a big deal. BTW those that are making jokes are jerks. This build I do not find offensive since it is just a model rocket. It is not weapon at all. It is a dumb build IMHO but just not a big deal. A plane flying over a warzone was shot down. It is a bad thing but not at all unpredictable.

To Dave and his ignorance, there was American citizens on that flight. The real issue is people like you, who refuse to think or show any empathy after people have just been murdered. So what other posts should be proscribed? The intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

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Ergo you believe that seeing this would somehow upset people involved in that event. Hell if you wanted to be uppity over it, say its disrespectful to the people of gaza and Israel where there is at least some semblance of relevance surface to surface, home made, agricultural components pretty much describe the Hamas rockets Or is that just not fashionable? Hearing protection would also have been an idea. Are you for real? Are you serious? We have model rockets in Europa. Hell we even have weapons here. Can you? Dave, for someone supposedly so empathetic you surely are coming off like a self-centered asshole.

What matters is what is real, not perception, not emotions, not ignorance, or various extraneous answers of otherwise rational minds. What does this have to do with the flight yesterday? What can we do about the flight yesterday? How can we bring those people back?

What can you or me or any other normal person do to stop it happening again? What can we do to dissuade terrorists and the like from doing it again? Not giving them any attention. It is really that simple. Besides, do you get so worked up by the hundreds of tragedies that happen all over the world every day? Or do the victims have to be white to matter? Did this PVC backyard contraption make you more upset than the hundreds of thousands that die every year in drug wars, human trafficking, and the neveredning genocidal campaigns in Africa?

If you are not more outraged on any given day than today, after only innocent people died, you really need to work out your priorities. Far worse happens every day and nearly everyone in the western world ignores it. Personally, I will save my emotional expenditures for something that is more significant than some kid with a model rocket. I have plenty of empathy for the friends and families of the victims on that flight, I am however a mature adult and as such my understanding of the world informs my emotional responses.

I know that nothing that size is going to bother an airliner, even looking at the first image in isolation. As others have said every week more than twice that many people die on the roads in america alone, If you expand that to the world around people die on the roads EVERY DAY should HAD never feature anything relating to a car?. Because this was an aeroplane the relations of the people who died on that should get more sympathy? Because it made the news and had dramatic footage should there be special consideration?

Is the family who lost their child to a drunk driver less deserving? Every single person who has a loved one taken away from them deserves our sympathy, to argue that this group should be babied is disrespecting them as individuals, and by extension their loss. Indeed misguided application of aid has been behind a great many of the problems encountered in the developing world. So now the warlords have food aid to fight over which prolongs the conflict rather than the aid working to solve the root cause. The people who are grieving are still human beings, they are still able to express themselves.

Do not diminish their agency over their own life, they are not invalids. They need our support not our ineffectual moral outrage. I visited ground zero in No, I felt empathy. Is the number of casualties a difference to you?

Did you feel empathy back then or even now? Or like in this case, nothing? I keep wondering how old you are.. Need Another Seven Astronauts, was a good joke when it circulated soon ofter the explosion of the vehicle.