Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite (Reprint Edition)

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He was elected to the French Academy of Sciences in , and was among the founders of the Botanical Society of France in Martin's Press, Purioris sermonis Arabici thesaurus, vulgo dictus Liber sehah, sive Lexicon Arabicum. E codicibus manuscriptis summa fide edidit ac versione latina instruxit. Harderwijk, J. Moojen typis Arabicis editoris, Contemporary Prussian-blue wrappers with remains of a spine label. Jawhari himself reached only the letter Dad before he died in an unsuccessful attempt at human flight from the roof of a mosque in AD the work was subsequently completed by his student Ishaq Ibrahim bin Salih al-Warraq.

To this day the dictionary remains an indispensable companion of Arabic philologists in both the East and the West; "manuscripts are to be found in almost every library" Brockelmann.

The preface is dated , the postscript after the printer Moojen had deferred all further work for a full six months, Scheidius writes, he chose to publish at least the present part "in place of a specimen". Indeed, this would remain all that was published: complete editions would not appear until in Tabriz and in Bulaq. Slight worming in the gutter, more pronounced near the beginning, but never touching the text. Printed on superior paper, an untrimmed and wide-margined copy. Schnurrer OCLC GAL I, Not in Smitskamp, PO. Conditie: Gaaf, As new.

Scholarly and detailed study of Arabic Poetry from ca. Firmin Didot et d'une notice sur les manuscrits du sire de Joinville par Paulin Paris. Carnandet 3 pp.

Did disillusionment with Sunnis lead to Persian ascendancy at US State Department?

Format 14x23 cm, broche, pages. Etat neuf. Bagdad'dan Haleb'e Arabistan seyahati. Translated by Ali Suad. Demy 8vo. In Turkish.

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Rousseau's travel memoirs in his travel to Arabia from Baghdad to Aleppo. Turkish translation. Tauris, Library of Modern Middle East Studies. Hamas is best-known to outsiders as a military organisation. Its political wing has received less attention, and it is often assumed that the schools, hospitals and universities it runs are merely instruments for the dissemination of a jihadist ideology. Following its surprise victory in the Palestinian elections, it is more important than ever to understand its politics.

How serious is its commitment to democracy? Did people vote for Hamas in spite of or because of its Islamic agenda? Drawing on extensive fieldwork in Gaza, Michael Irving Jensen addresses these questions, and offers the first multidimensional portrait of this complex organisation. Based on interviews with the leadership, the rank-and-file, and ordinary Palestinians, Jensen shows how Hamas's officially stated goals relate to the social and political realities of the West Bank and Gaza. The crucial evidence comes from the Iraqi transcript of Ambassador April Glaspie's famous encounter with Saddam Hussein on July 25, Her version of events is dismissed as inaccurate, and Kaplan seems to have made no effort to interview Glaspie to hear her side of the story.

In Kaplan's words, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait represented "the greatest debacle in the history of America's Arabists. But do the Arabists, and especially Ambassador Glaspie, deserve so much of the blame? After all, few Arabists remained in policy positions after the "purges" of the early s. Kaplan himself notes that when the State Department urged a freezing of relations with Iraq in April , it was the White House that blocked the proposal-not the American Ambassador in Baghdad, or any other Arabist.

But he does not probe further to try to figure out why this was so. Nor does he note the curious fact that a number of neoconservative, pro-Israelis were making the case in for a "moderate" Saddam Hussein. After all, Saddam had spoken openly of peace with Israel; he had opposed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; he was standing up to the spread of Iranian-backed Islamic fundamentalism; he was supporting pro-Israeli Christian groups in Lebanon; and he was locked in a deadly quarrel with Syria's Hafiz al-Asad.

The fact that friends of Israel were becoming apologists for Iraq was at least as important as the role of some Arabists in promoting better U. Kaplan's portrait of the Arabists largely exempts them from the charge of being harshly anti-Israeli. He is more convinced that they have erred by being soft-headed about Arab dictators. His hope is that a new generation of Arabists is coming along, tough-minded, analytical, knowledgeable about both Arabs and Israelis what about Kurds, Turks and Iranians?

But Kaplan, by distorting the past role of Arabists, by exaggerating their pernicious influence, and by ignoring their successes, has provided fuel for the continuing feud between Arabists and their critics. His concluding appeal for a truce therefore rings a bit hollow. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience.

Click here to learn more. View 9. Kramer Boulder: Westview; London: Mansell, , pp. Access via Questia Yaniv, M.

Maoz, and A. Kober Tel Aviv: Maarachot, , pp.

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View Bosworth, et al. Princeton: Darwin, , pp. Sivan and M.

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Reich Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , pp. Reich Barcelona: Pomares-Corregidor, , pp. Menashri Boulder: Westview, , pp.

Arabist (political)

Kramer Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, , pp. Reprinted in Violence and the Sacred in the Modern World, ed. Juergensmeyer London: Frank Cass, , pp. Marty and R. Appleby Chicago: University of Chicago Press, , pp. Mirsky and M. Susser and A.

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Shmuele- vitz London: Frank Cass, , pp. Litvak Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuhad, , pp. Harris and L. Leland, Jr. Zelikow and R. Zoellick Washing- ton: The Aspen Institute, , pp. Leiden: Brill , vol.