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Premium statistics. Read more. Global average daily time spent online by teens , by device Average daily time spent online by teenage and Millennial internet users worldwide as of 2nd quarter , by device in minutes.

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  • Clement , last edited Jul 22, This statistic reports on the average daily time spent online by teenage and Millennial internet users worldwide as of the second quarter of , by device. According to the findings, Gen Z internet users spent an average of minutes on their mobile devices, while in comparison Millennials spent an average of minutes. Full access to 1m statistics Incl. Premium Account.

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      Corporate solution including all features. Prices do not include sales tax. Be thankful for your mom, your lucky. If u play fortnite here is my name: Dowell So for a 4 year old, that's 40 minutes. For TV, limit it to one 30 minute episode or one movie per day.

      Using a computer for educational purposes like research and writing papers, should have no limits. But on weekends my father shouts at me that you cannot play for more than 30 mins each day I think parents are correct we should do physical activity more than playing fortnite. I agree with the age for little kids but not for us "big" kids. I think the time for children should be based on age and grades. I'm a pretty good student but I usually only get 1 hour which I think is unfair and I see kids who are younger and get worse grades get way more time.

      I think there should be a graph on age and intelligence to tell us how much is good and fair. Apparently, it is 'the less time the better the schoolwork' as parents say. I don't agree, I have 3 hours and I'm in Gifted and Talented. Obviously not always the case, but it may be because of the various limits you have that has helped you keep your grades up in the first place. That said- look for ways to compromise, like: add a chore which then gives you additional screen time.

      I agree an hour limit is too short but you have to keep in mind different parents raise their kids differently then how yours raise you. The best way to find common ground on a fair limit is to discuss it with them. Physical fitness and face-to-face socializing is good for kids, but time on a device can be spent well if managed properly.

      Try sitting down with your parents and have a sincere conversations with them, don't try to go from 1 hour to 5 straight away, ask for an extra hour or two and if they see you can handle extra time and still be productive they might give you more. Between hours is a healthy limit I'd say, it may not seem like a lot but pretty soon you won't notice especially if you space out our time. Also, ask your parents if they want to go out and do something like go to the park or attend an event that's coming up.

      Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries. 2nd edition.

      The more time you spend with your parents the better they'll feel about letting you spend time on the phone or computer. On suday it cant be pm. Try talking to your dad about the limit he's given you. Sit down and have a sincere conversation and find a balance that you and him can agree on. A good goal to shoot for is between hours and spend more time doing things with your parents, going out and doing something with them might make them feel better about giving you more screen time. Hi Parents, Me I just stopped my little one completely with screen and I can reassure that is more obeying and calm child.

      At school the teacher told me that she is a well discipline n well behave little girl. I had to do it because I notice she was becoming aggressive and she was also scared at night , she was doing nightmares etc Please give me ur opinion I did the right or wrong. My mother thinks videogames affect my brain in bad ways yet its only a certain game that gets me fired up, I can bounce off the walls after playing ROBLOX but after playing madden or mlb the show I'm fine, And she says I'm not getting enough schoolwork in yet I'm getting the local school's standard, Should I tell her off?

      Should I just leave it? Do not tell her off! If she thinks spending too much time on technology is affecting your grades then just work harder on your schoolwork and maybe limit how much time you spend playing.

      A Brief History of Homework

      If the work is hard for you try asking her, a teacher or a friend for help. Also, be sure to spend time with her outside of the house. There is a healthy balance for tech use and it's defiantly not an addiction nor does it guarantee bad performance in school! I am a caregiver to a 3-year old boy, a 4-year old boy, and a 9-year old girl. I take care of the 3-year old during the day, while the other two kids are in school.

      Physical Activity Basics

      The 3-year old is impulsive. He doesn't concentrate on one thing at a time and he's practically bouncing off the walls if you let him. When I play with him in his room, I turn the tv off, and that seems to help a bit with his behavior and attention. They also eat their meals in front of the tv because the parents let them. Are there any age appropriate activities or is there anything I can do to decrease their screen time, especially the little one?

      Their behavior and attention is greatly affected due to the excessive screen time. I just feel like there is nothing I can do because the parents are going to let them do whatever they want anyway. My parents limit my brother's screen time to 30 minutes per day and he always goes over the top but they don't care if that was me i would get in big trouble.

      We both agree too much time in front of a screen turns him into hell on wheels.

      How much screen time is OK for my kid(s)?

      On Fridays and Saturday nights we do movie night with him: I guess my two questions are 1- how much time do others give their 5 yo And 2- how do we get my mother to respect our limitations with tv? She will give him her phone or iPad for unlimited amounts of time then when he comes home to us his attitude and behavior is beyond out of control: any input from anyone?

      Feeling lost on how to get through to her. How the hell does he have three grandmothers?

      Underground LSD Palace

      Right up an iPad and screens agreement, discuss this with everyone in the family with said grandparent and get everyone to sign it, yourself, husband, kids and grandparents.