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Despite some administrative wizards in the user interface and the new Microsoft Management Console MMC administration interface, implementing and administering Active Directory requires probably more learning, testing, piloting, and planning than Windows NT required. Throughout the book, you will learn the workings, architecture, administration, and planning of Active Directory. The first version of Active Directory was included in Windows AD, as we call it , and the second version is included in Windows Server AD, as we call it.

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The first edition of this book covered AD, and this second edition covers primarily AD, but secondarily also AD The following list evaluates the appropriateness of this book for a number of potential audiences. For all target audiences, it is possible that you are not interested in all the advanced topics in this book, so you are free to skip any of them. Mika wrote Chapter 2 and Chapter 7, and Sakari wrote the remaining chapters.

Server 2016 Active Directory Installation on Core vs GUI edition

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Addison-Wesley Professional, Condition: New. Seller Inventory M More information about this seller Contact this seller. Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Sakari Kouti ; Mika Seitsonen.

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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The most unique quality is the excellent explanation of how to use scripting to maximize your results and minimize your effort. If you have even a small bit of programming experience, you will really appreciate the in-depth explanations of Windows under the covers. I love this book. An NT4 administrator could easily read this book and become an expert at Active Directory. I especially appreciated the chapter on Active Directory security.

Inside Active Directory has no equal in the breadth, depth, and scope of its value to a technical practitioner. This book supplies you with sound background theory so you can understand these concepts and at the same time gives just the right amount of detail to actually accomplish what you are trying to do. An excellent read and an essential component for any skilled administrator! Inside Active Directory is one of the five books I refer to on a weekly basis. Thanks to the authors for all their hard work and dedication. You will find detailed coverage of the following: Site basics and replication topologies, processes, and diagnostics Group Policy architecture, planning, management, and diagnostics Security and permission architecture and management scenarios Administration scripts, from basic concepts to advanced topics, including more than 50 sample scripts New cross-forest security features, including Selective Authentication, SID Filtering, and Name Suffix Routing A detailed drill-down to the schema, and practical strategies and examples for extending it Using Active Directory hierarchies to implement an effective structure for your network This is an indispensable reference for anyone working with Active Directory.

About the Author : Sakari Kouti, M. All rights reserved. A current NT professional.

You are the target audience for this book. However, you may want to browse relatively quickly through any introductory pages that we have in the beginning of many chapters. Prior knowledge of Windows NT is not required to successfully learn from this book. Your earlier networking skills will most likely enable you to pick up each topic quite readily. A network operating systems novice. Because we tend to start each chapter with the very basics, at least in theory you can use this book to effectively learn Active Directory. Obviously, you need to invest more time reading than an experienced IT professional.

You should also have a test PC that you can use to try out the different tasks and experiments that the book describes. Even if you are already familiar with Active Directory, we trust that you will learn more than a few things from this book.

Inside Active Directory: A System Administrator's Guide (2nd Edition)

A developer. We believe that this book has the following strengths. We present well-thought-out diagrams that help you easily comprehend the various key concepts and other topics related to Active Directory.

At worst, a book just shows screen shots and shortly explains what is already evident from the user interface or the online Help. In contrast, this book contains thorough and accurate information on the topics it covers. We claim that this book contains very few errors. Even though this book is not a reference guide, we present many extensive reference tables.

Mastering Active Directory, Second Edition Released!

If you install Active Directory on a test PC, you can try out most of the tasks and experiments described in this book, whether they are written to be walkthroughs or not. We have divided the book into three parts. Part I: Background Skills Chapters 1 and 2 gives the big picture of Active Directory so you can successfully plan and implement an Active Directory network. Of course I need to recommend this book. I wrote the third edition of it and was primary technical reviewer for the fourth edition. If I list it later, you will think I am just trying to sneak it in.

I am proud of the book and I think it is a good addition to the library of anyone doing any kind of work with Active Directory. Brian took what I did and updated it for Windows Server and Exchange as well as convincing Joe Kaplan to rewrite the. If you aren't familiar with the Cookbook series of books from O'Reilly, they take tasks you may be called upon to perform and gives you multiple methods to accomplish that task.

The common methods are GUI, command line, and script. It really is an excellent idea and handled well in this series. I can easily say hands down that this is the best task oriented book available for Active Directory. I was a technical reviewer on this edition as well as the first edition and proud to be associated with it. While it isn't perfect it is very good. This is the an excellent refresh of an already great book.

I recall reading chapter four which was the chapter on security in the first edition and getting stuck there for several days as I read and reread, it was one of the best chapters on Windows security I have seen. If you are looking for a text book on Active Directory, this book fits the bill.

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I have to admit that it is a little dry to read cover to cover and it will challenge you if you try, but it is worth it if you make it all the way through. More than once I stumbled upon items that I was not aware of. Looking for a book on writing code with the Microsoft. This is the book that you want. NET Programming communities. I admit I am not a.

Two Active Directory books | Network World

NET programmer and don't intend to become one any time soon and in all honesty I am not really a huge fan of the whole. NET framework but, seemingly oddly, I was a reviewer on this book. That was simply because JoeK and Ryan wanted my input from a strictly Directory Service standpoint which I thought was a great idea and very much respected that they thought of that. At first I didn't think I would give much feedback but ended up giving considerable feedback. If you have any desire to work with AD with the.

NET, then you must put this book on your bookshelf. The book is now out of print but is still available through various sources.

Active Directory

If you need. This is the first book Robbie Allen wrote, it didn't do very well in the market but is one of the more technically deep books he has written. This book explained how to do things like generating sites and subnets programmatically way before anyone else had documented it. I think this book failed in the market simply because it was too far over the heads of most of the administrators running Active Directory at the time.

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This book is similar to the Active Directory Cookbook but is Exchange specific. As with the AD Cookbook, you don't really read the book, you go to the specific tasks you need to accomplish. They aren't quite as good about giving three different methods for every task but that has a lot to do with Exchange, Exchange traditionally is a GUI Admin based application. You may know of Paul, he is pretty well known in the Exchange community and has written articles for Windows IT Pro magazine, etc.